EZ LUBE Food Grade White Grease


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EZ LUBE food grade white grease is a high purity complex white grease with superior heavy-duty metal-to-metal characteristics. Excellent for high load applications requiring a long grease life. Resists water and heat. Provides rust corrosion protection and superior lubrication to a wide variety of applications. Wide temperature range of -40°F to +550°F.


  • Lubricates, reducing friction and wear
  • High viscosity, clings to vertical surfaces
  • Resists extreme pressure, corrosion & water washout
  • Wide temperature range of -40° – 550°F
  • White coloration for easy visual check
  • Resists throw-off, excellent adhesion properties


Chains, winches, conveyors, gears, cables, hinges, pins, levers, rollers, ovens, dryers, threads, bearings, O-rings, linkages, pumps and valves. FOR USE BY: Bakeries, bottlers, breweries, canneries, dairies, egg processors, meat and poultry processors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and food processing and packaging plants.


Form Solvent Based Aerosol
Odor Petroleum
Color Opaque White
Detergency None
Toxicity 500 ppm OSHA TLV
Wetting Ability None
Storage Stability 1 year +
Cold Stability 32°F
Phosphates None
Flash Point N/A
Flame Extension 18" + 
Solubility in Water 0 %
Specific Gravity 0.850
% Volatile by Volume 71%
pH N/A
Propellant Hydrocarbon
Evaporation Rate Slow
Biodegradability Yes


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